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Villa Golijski dar

Price: 25 EUR
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In the very heart of Golija, on 1400m above sea level, 100m far from the ski lift on the hill Daici, there is household of family Lukovic from Ivanjica. The household is equipped with 3 four bed apartments, categorized with the highest hotel ranks, 4 stars. Choosing this house on mountain Golija, apart from its comfortable accomodation during the winter periods, you can ski on a track 600m long, and enjoy mornings on Golija, together with people living in this village, tasting local specialties, prosutto, serbian cheese and brandy. During other seasons you may enjoy walks through the beautiful landscapes of this mountain, collect herbs and mushrooms, tasting the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Golija. Recently, in addition to this accommodation complex, there is a new restaurant offering local specialties from Golija to guests and all those who are visiting this mountain in any other season during year.

Rooms/beds: 2/4 + 2/4, Total 4/16                                                                                         

Rooms with bathrooms, TV, phone


Ivanjica, Srbija
Dajići bb

About Ivanjica

Ivanjica municipality is one of the biggest in Serbia with its area of 1090km2. Ivanjica is the part of Moravica region, surrounded by municipalities ofArilje, Lucani, Nova Varos, Raska, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Sjenica. The number of Ivanjica citizens is 32380, according to statistics from 2011.