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Villa ASH Jovanovic Ivanjica

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In the center of the city in ul. Mice Matovića br. 6 is located Villa "ASH Jovanovic" in which there are two four-bed and one double-bedded apartment luxuriously equipped for the most demanding guests. We recommend accommodation in villa "ASH Jovanovic", both for business guests and for lovers of natural beauty and comfort.
App / bearings: 2/4; 1/2 (studio). Total: 3/10


Ivanjica, Srbija
Mića Matović 6

About Ivanjica

Ivanjica municipality is one of the biggest in Serbia with its area of 1090km2. Ivanjica is the part of Moravica region, surrounded by municipalities ofArilje, Lucani, Nova Varos, Raska, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Sjenica. The number of Ivanjica citizens is 32380, according to statistics from 2011.