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Walking ant trekking/ mountain climbing

Walking and trekking as part of an active holiday have recently gained considerable popularity in the tourist offer of Ivanjica. In the territory of the Ivanjica municipality Ivanjica there are numerous marked routes for walking and trekking – owing to the efforts of the “Golija” mountaineering club and the “Stari Vlah” extreme sports club, these have been made accessible to lovers of walking and trekking. For additional safety, the “Golija” mountaineering club has a licensed mountain guide. Apart from the regular tours, the club offers a number of attractive guided programmes and tours suitable for beginners. The marked routes pass through picturesque landscapes of the Ivanjica municipality. Intersecting the slopes of Golija, Javor and Mučanj, the routes take the visitors to the surrounding beauty spots, as well as cultural and historic places of interest. As a great Serbian scientist once said, geography is best learned walking – therefore, we warmly recommend a walking study tour of the beautiful areas around Ivanjica, taking you through fairy-tale woods and vast pastures, crystal clear rivers and cool brooks, where delicious forest fruits can be picked everywhere you go.


ROUTE: Košanin Lakes


staza1 planinarenje 
The route is 14 km long and it normally takes around four and a half hours of moderately-paced walk to cover it from the start to finish, with the height difference of 340 m. The starting point is the Pridvorica monastery, at 670 m above the sea (the monastery dates back to 12th century, and was built at the same time as the Studenica monastery). From here, the path follows the Studenica river for about 2 kilometres, to the point where the path branches off leading to the Košanin Lakes (1000 above the sea level), a place that gave rise to many legends (more about these lakes can be found in the brochure titled “Golija Lakes – Nature’s Gift on the Top of West Serbia”, published by the Tourist Organisation of the Ivanjica municipality). The lakes are known for an unusual and as yet unexplained phenomenon: while they are virtually dry during the rainy season, fill with water during droughts (reaching depth of 5-8 m). This is the site of the so-called “Prayer” spot (dedicated to Saint Elijah, the spot represent the site of a former church and a place of one-time large traditional gatherings of the local people). This is the final destination of the route, a picnic area with nice benches and tables, where walkers can take a rest at 1010 m above the sea level. On the return, the route follows the same path for some time, before it turns along the Studenica river, leading to the place where it receives the Braduljica river. This is the site of a natural hatchery of several fish species (huchen, brown trout and grayling), unique in Seerbia. From here, the route passes across the hill of Gradina and goes back to the starting point at the village of Pridvorica, where visitors can take a longer rest and spend some time relaxing and socialising.


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ROUTES: Golijska River 1 and 2
ROUTE 1: Kumanica– Okruglica/ROUTE 2: Dajići – Okruglica
ROUTE: Dajića brdo – Jankov kamen
ROUTE: Mučanj
ROUTE: Kušići – Javor (Vasilijin vrh)
ROUTES: Bratljevo 1, 2 and 3
ROUTE: Teprč
ROUTE: Ravnine – Okruglica


Cycling has gained increasing popularity in the Ivanjica municipality, where it is especially practised by those who love to combine holiday and adrenaline sports. Knowing this, it is hardly surprising that the mountain parts of the Ivanjica attract lovers of mountain biking, as a specific combination of cycling, mountaineering and adventure. The mountain biking routes are scattered around the most beautiful part of the mountains of Golija, Javor and Mučanj. In addition to this, some of the marked trekking routes are also used for mountain biking. The growing number of cyclists visiting or pasing through the region of Ivanjica has provided additional motivation to complete the work of marking several cycle paths, complete with benches where cyclists can make a break and enjoy the vistas of the surrounding countryside. Don’t waste another moment – set your gears and use your pedals to join your friends for a brand new adventure on the cycle routes of Ivanjica.


IVANJICA–JAVOR–Sjenica (ZS-J1) 62 km

Itinerary: Klisura -Ivanjica–Kušići–Javor

Length of route: 52 km (through territory of the municipality of Ivanjica)

Height difference: 870 m

Total uphill: 4077 m (Ivanjica – Javor)

Total downhill: 3539 m (Opaljenik – Javor – Sjenica)

Coming from the direction of Arilje, the route leads on towards the village of Prilike, lying at around 9 km from Ivanjica, with its landmark satellite station and the spa of Prilički kiseljak. Passing by the precinct of Kušićan and Karanov most, the path leads to the Stone Bridge, the largest single-arch bridge in the Balkans built without connecting materials at the start of 20th century. Places of interest in Ivanjica include Hotel “Park”, the old power plant on the Moravica river, monument to the general Draža Mihailović and the Church of the Holy Emperor Konstantin and Empress Helen. Built in 1836, the church is the oldest building in the town. After leaving the centre of Ivanjica, the route goes along Javorska Street past the round-about and goes on in the direction of Sjenica, passing through the hamlets of Zarići, Kaluševići, Opaljenik and Županja before reaching the mountain village of Kušići lying at the foot of the Javor mountain, at the altitude of 1000 m. The tourist offer in the village includes the renovated Javor Hotel and the Villa Angelina guest house. After Kušići, the route follows the well-known “Health Path”, aiding treatment of lung diseases. Going further on, the path leads across the mountain of Javor, on the border among the municipalities of Nova Varoš, Ivanjica and Sjenica. The highest point of this route is the Gypsy Plateau on the mountain of Javor, lying on 1316 metres above the sea. Not far from here is the memorial water fountain Vasilijina česma, a monument dedicated to mayor Mihailo Ilić and the memorial cemetery of the soldiers who gave their lives in the first Serbian-Turkish War (War of Javor) and the battle of Kalipolje, fought between 1876 and 1878. From here, the path descends towards Sjenica, leading through Kladnica, between the rivers of Lješnica and Uvac and further on, past the lake of Sjenica. Due to the considerable length and the demanding ascent, the route requires a good level of physical fitness. In addition, it is worth considering taking some basic camping equipment and making a camping break somewhere in the middle section of the journey. The route goes along the regional road and has an asphalt base. Despite the very light traffic, additional caution is required.

ivanjica javor sjenica

IVANJICA–KUMANICA (Roman Bridge) 17 km

About Ivanjica

Ivanjica municipality is one of the biggest in Serbia with its area of 1090km2. Ivanjica is the part of Moravica region, surrounded by municipalities ofArilje, Lucani, Nova Varos, Raska, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Sjenica. The number of Ivanjica citizens is 32380, according to statistics from 2011.