Lisa, the household of Mrs Draga Milicevic

Contact +381 (32) 652-092
+381 (64) 290-22-20



On the 10th kilometer from Ivanjica towards Guca, the house is Drage Milicevic, 
known for its hospitality and ability to prepare old forgotten Serbian dishes.
In addition to hosting with guests, guests can walk to the beautiful parts of this village or engage in agricultural work with locals (picking raspberries, etc.).
Here you will come as a guest and go as a friend. Rooms / beds: 3/2 Total: 3/6 Other: restaurant, TV, internet Language-German


Ivanjica, Srbija
Lisa bb

О Ивањици

Општина Ивањица обухвата простор од 1.090 км2 и једна је од највећих у Србији. Налази се у саставу Моравичког округа, а граничи се са општинама Ариље, Лучани, Нова Варош, Рашка, Краљево, Нови Пазар и Сјеница. По попису из 2011. године има 32.380 становника.